On-Device Bot Framework

Best in class On-Device Bot Development framework for On-Premise deployment that's powered by Machine Learning.

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Exellent Features - Delivered.

From development to delivery of performance, OSCOVA won't compromise
at any level to make your product stand out.


Natural Language

Give your mobile and desktop apps the Natural Language Interface. There is no true alternative to OSCOVA in the world of .NET


Build with Ease

Oscova is a robust and feature-rich framework that takes care of all the stuff a seasoned programmer would need to develop their intelligent bot.


Robust Architecture

Inspired by today's standards of Bot architectures, Oscova enables development and deployment of complex Bot systems with least effort.


Beautiful Code

With great Bots come great maintainability. Well, that aint true with Oscova. Write beautiful code with OSCOVA's clean design architecture.


Keep your Data

Stop giving away private user conversation data into the hands of 3rd parties. OSCOVA doesn't require you to connect to any online API.


Deploy Anywhere

Oscova is a standalone platform independent framework. You can integrate Oscova directly into your app or custom Bot server.

Create Dialogs

Structure and group all relevant intents that belong to a particular topic or scenario under a single Dialog.

Know Intents

Know what the user intended by easily mapping user messages to intents with OSCOVA's intelligent intent scoring system.

Extract Entities

Make use of dozens of OSCOVA's pre-built system entities or create your own by just annotating values in expressions.


Entity Recognizers

Easily build custom entity recognizers for Database entries, known words or phrases and even complex patterns.

Prompt Them

Avoid redundant intent declartion by adding prompt messages for missing entities with just one line of code.

Be Contextual

Create context aware bots that drive the conversation based on the current context of user session.

Machine Learning

Advanced in-built Machine Learning that automatically builds intelligent language model on the fly.

SIML Modern - Integrated

Easily build intelligent small-talk knowledge base in SIML Modern with Syn Bot Studio and import into Oscova.


With unified platform independent architecture deploy Bots across all major platforms with little to no changes to Dialogs


Excellent Documentation - Delivered.

Whether it be Tutorials, API Documentation or Samples we have got your covered in our Developer Network. Watch this video to build your first Hello Bot program in 5 minutes.

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Right licensing for your needs

Oscova Bot development framework is free for personal or open-source project and includes all core Bot development features, regular updates and platform support.

For Professional or Enterprise licensing options visit Synthetic Intelligence Network.

Community Edition

  • Personal and Open-Source Projects
  • All Core Engine Features and Updates
  • Forum Support
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Professional & Enterprise

  • Professional and Organization Projects
  • Full Engine Feature Set and Updates
  • Premium Email Support
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OSCOVA - Because it's Unmatched.

Best in class standalone bot development framework backed by advanced Natural Language Processing and Named Entity Recognition engine. Oscova's uniquely hybrid architecture empowers bot developers to rapidly test and deploy their bots with exceptional semantic intent scoring.

Trusted by Top Corporations worldwide

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